The Pronoun Project

About The Pronoun Project

It’s purpose is two-fold: first it’s meant to educate people, especially young people. To help them see past our cultural indoctrination into a hard, binary world. To help them have the tools to support and love people who don’t fit into that binary, including maybe themselves. How can people respect pronouns if they aren’t familiar with any? How can people move past unconscious bias toward trans people and regard them as people who are equal, if they have never even seen any representations of those people due to cultural erasure?


The Rainbow Collective Book Series

FREE Download- Tyne and Cedar: Ve and Ze (book one of the Rainbow Collective Series)

Only available via download right now, paperbacks to come later!

The Rainbow Collective is a series of books centered around a chosen family of folx living in a house together, the Rainbow Collective.

Each book is a short story about one or two people in their daily lives, having fun, doing chores, and other things all to show trans people are just regular people, but also to show how to use pronouns and neopronouns that some people may be unfamiliar with to help those unfamiliar with pronouns learn to use them and respect and support trans people! Each book will include a grammar chart of the pronouns used to help people see the different ways to use those pronouns in different contexts.

Besides being a great book series for trans youth, to see themselves represented in a positive way, this is a great book for cis youth to help dispel the idea of gender binaries and make sure they grow up with less negative ideas and attitudes to unlearn.

This is also a great book series for cis parents, educators, and other community members, and any cis person who wants to learn to be a more respectful and supportive ally to trans folx.

Neopronoun Fabrics

Fabric and clothes don’t define gender, but if you want to use them to celebrate your gender, here are a series of pronoun fabrics with more to come!
Use them to make a coming out gift for yourself or a friend, to have something snuggly and self affirming in your bedroom, create a gender neutral gift for a baby shower, or lots more!

There will be lots more designs, patterns, and pronouns coming with this part of the Pronoun Project, so keep checking back, and share these with your sewing buds!

Also, if you have any requests, suggestions, or questions about the fabric shoot me an email!

Neopronoun Coloring Book Pages

Neopronoun coloring book page

These are a small collection of coloring book pages, free to download and print, designed to illustrate and teach a selection of neopronouns.

Read more about them here!