Leftist Coloring Pages

A friend of mine recently asked me to contribute some work to a coloring book she was putting together to have available at some speaking events she’s doing. She told me to just draw whatever I felt like. I was very grateful for the opportunity to be included, and I decided to do a series of more radical illustrations that highlight some of the larger issues with capitalism, racism, sexism, and other hierarchical forms of oppression in this world. The illustrations aren’t intended to make people feel bad, but rather to help them feel connected to their fellow humans and to the planet we share, and help them find a peaceful place as they color so that they can come back fresh to fight the good fight. Sometimes it’s hard not to internalize all the bad things that exist, but that isn’t what these images are about. It’s to remind and inspire us to reach past the forces holding us down, for a better existence.
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ABC Like A Girl by Ariel Shultz – Children's book featuring strong girls

ABC Like A Girl!

ABC Like A Girl by Ariel Shultz – Children's book featuring strong female role models

A brand new ABC book featuring strong female role models and positive attributes!

ABC Like a Girl by Ariel Shultz
112 full color pages
Ages pre-K through 3rd grade
Available only from Amazon.com


ABC Like a Girl is out!

We’re very excited about it, since it is not only a book that portrays women and girls in a positive way to children from an early age, but also promotes literacy by teaching the alphabet and building a larger vocabulary!

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VOTE! The Case Against Apathy.

In case you’re some kind of cave person that just thawed out of a glacier due to climate change, and haven’t been mainlining the news every day via social media, guess what! We’re in the midst of ramping up to a VERY IMPORTANT election. Most people are bitterly choosing sides, and arguing with friends, family members and strangers over two to four people: Clinton, Trump, and to a lesser but still very important extent, Johnson and Stein. Terrible things are being said and done, hate groups are endorsing candidates, people are realizing they have no actual idea what qualifies a candidate for the presidency. Basically, it’s bananas. In fact, its banana daiquiris, because, goddamn, who can get through this business without a drink? And whether you’re a jilted Bernie supporter, or some dude who lives in a Confederate Flag-festooned cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, you should care. However, this article isn’t about the Presidential election. We’ve been blasted nonstop for what feels like a life-time about the options for president. There are only 40 days left until the election, and most people have made up their mind about who they are picking for president.

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