There is No Away Coloring Pages

There is No Away is my favorite book I’ve completed so far, and it has been a huge hit at the preschool I’ve been working at. There are quite a few kids who just know my by the book, and whenever they see me, they ask me to bring the book to their class (or to their house) šŸ™‚ I think protecting our planet is a great message for kids to start learning, and learning about ways to do can lead to independent, creative, community minded people! If you want to expand your conversation about where things go when they get thrown out, or even just use up the other side of some papers, here are some There is No Away coloring pages free to download and print! šŸ˜€

There is No Away sewing machine magic landfill


PDF files of coloring pagesĀ can be foundĀ here.

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