There is No Away Coloring Pages

There is No Away is my favorite book I’ve completed so far, and it has been a huge hit at the preschool I’ve been working at. There are quite a few kids who just know my by the book, and whenever they see me, they ask me to bring the book to their class (or to their house) 🙂 I think protecting our planet is a great message for kids to start learning, and learning about ways to do can lead to independent, creative, community minded people! If you want to expand your conversation about where things go when they get thrown out, or even just use up the other side of some papers, here are some There is No Away coloring pages free to download and print! 😀

There is No Away sewing machine magic landfill


PDF files of coloring pages can be found here.

All downloadable material on Boat Folk Illustration are Creative Commons. Sharing and using freely is fine as long as it isn’t for profit.

Like A Girl ABC Coloring Book Pages (A-E)

Like a Girl ABC’s, which focuses on different aspects and careers that women and girls can, and do, participate in, and have, is almost finished. These coloring pages are some of the first pages of the book! They have been enjoyed by my preschool class, and I hope you enjoy them as well! Some are based on real life women (Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic-American woman in space) and some on everyday women and girls who behave in extraordinary ways, such as helping a family pet. Enjoy!

empathetic dentist carpenter brave Like A GIrl ABCs


PDF files of coloring pages can be found here.

All downloadable material on Boat Folk Illustration are Creative Commons. Sharing and using freely is fine as long as it isn’t for profit.

Paper or Felt Dolls from Like A Girl ABC Book!

doll body2

Like a Girl ABC book is almost finished, and I made some dolls for kids to play with to explore different qualities and careers, as well as to exercise their creative and artistic sides! Print these out and have some fun!

Printable Doll Instructions:
Paper Doll Version:
1. Download PDF doll files
2. Print doll and clothes. Heavier paper works best, but whatever you have available works.
3. Color in doll and clothes just the way you like! Feel free to use crayons, paint, glitter glue, and have fun!
4. With adult supervision and/or safety scissors cut out the dolls and clothes. Make sure NOT to cut off the tabs that will fold over to hold the clothes on. DO cut a slit where marked in the hair so the hair can stay on the dolls head.
5. Play with your doll!
Felt Doll Version:
1. Download PDF doll files.
2. Print doll and clothes on iron-on transfer paper.
3. With the help of an adult cut around the doll, and clothes, leaving some blank space around. Idoll clothes1ron each doll and clothing piece into the felt piece or fabric scrap of your choosing according to the directions of the iron-on packaging.
4. Finish cuttingdoll clothes2 the edges out, and make a slit in the hair where marked.
5. DecorDollsate with any extra ribbons, buttons, fabric glue, etc.
6. Play with your doll!


PDF files of dolls and clothes can be found here.

All downloadable material on Boat Folk Illustration are Creative Commons. Sharing and using freely is fine as long as it isn’t for profit.


The Cross-Cultural Feminine

Recently, I took a trip to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. While I was there, I took a little break from working on the ABC Girls book. But, as with any project I get into, I couldn’t get it out of my brain. I thought about it a lot while I was there. I like to talk to people while I’m on vacation, even if I don’t speak the language perfectly, and I ended up in conversations with lots of people. Many of them asked what I did in the US. I told them I write and illustrate children’s books. Often, this would lead to more questions. What kind of pictures? What kind of children’s books? Read More

Happy Earth Day!

I recently took a trip to Mexico for a little break from the rain. I had never been to Mexico before, but the part that I was in was in Baja, on the Pacific side. I made an effort to go out of my way, and my comfort zone and chat with locals, ask them about art, and the environment.

Environmentalism isn’t just an idea that belongs to one country, color of skin, or socioeconomic class. The desire to protect what belongs to us all exists cross culturally. And the possibility to be affected by lack of protections exists cross culturally as well, although, sadly, this burden does rest more squarely on people in lower socioeconomic classes. I was visiting a country which was largely poorer than my own, and I wanted to hear their thoughts and opinions on sustainability, at least as far as our language barrier would allow. Read More

Beautiful and Healthy: How We Can Begin To Develop Self Confidence in Girls

I can’t speak for every girl or woman’s experience, but growing up I got the message a lot that I should be, or should want to be beautiful or pretty, and that my value as a person was tied to that. I didn’t feel particularly beautiful, but I also didn’t feel like that should make me less important or less valuable, although I did feel like that was a message that I got a lot. I noticed that when strangers met me and my younger brother together, and they were trying to be nice, they would say to me “Aren’t you just a pretty little girl!” and to him they would say “Aren’t you a strong little man!” or some variation. Extended family used to do the same, but I was a very “O is for Outspoken” advocate for myself with them, and I would tell them I was the smartest kid in my class, and the fastest runner in our neighborhood. I didn’t want to be called prettyClimber

As an adult I don’t mind being called beautiful or pretty. Read More

Illustrating Diversity and Inclusion

In working on the ABC Girls book, I’ve worked hard to show diverse groups of women and girls; socially diverse, economically diverse, ethnically diverse, etc. The books we read, and the pictures we see as children really stick with us through our lives, and form the groundwork for our understanding of the world. They help form the framework that be build our ideas, and opinions on. If we can only access limited media, than our framework is incomplete. Without realizing it, our understanding of the world is incomplete from the start. We are limited in the ways we are able to understand the things we started out missing. That is why I have been working so hard to include diverse portrayals of women and girls. When I was young, the perception in toys, books, and cartoons was very simplistic. Girls wore dresses and liked pink. That was the idea femininity that was presented to me and my peers from a young age. When we encountered anyone who fell outside that, they were outside of our limited world view, and were perceived as strange. It took until I was an adult to dismantle and rebuilt that scaffolding. I’m sure there are parts I have missed. What I want to do, is to start children off with a better, more accurate picture than I had, of the inclusive diverse society we live in. The idea of feminine is so much more than pink and skirts. It’s even so much more than XX chromosomes. Read More