Paper or Felt Dolls from Like A Girl ABC Book!

doll body2

Like a Girl ABC book is almost finished, and I made some dolls for kids to play with to explore different qualities and careers, as well as to exercise their creative and artistic sides! Print these out and have some fun!

Printable Doll Instructions:
Paper Doll Version:
1. Download PDF doll files
2. Print doll and clothes. Heavier paper works best, but whatever you have available works.
3. Color in doll and clothes just the way you like! Feel free to use crayons, paint, glitter glue, and have fun!
4. With adult supervision and/or safety scissors cut out the dolls and clothes. Make sure NOT to cut off the tabs that will fold over to hold the clothes on. DO cut a slit where marked in the hair so the hair can stay on the dolls head.
5. Play with your doll!
Felt Doll Version:
1. Download PDF doll files.
2. Print doll and clothes on iron-on transfer paper.
3. With the help of an adult cut around the doll, and clothes, leaving some blank space around. Idoll clothes1ron each doll and clothing piece into the felt piece or fabric scrap of your choosing according to the directions of the iron-on packaging.
4. Finish cuttingdoll clothes2 the edges out, and make a slit in the hair where marked.
5. DecorDollsate with any extra ribbons, buttons, fabric glue, etc.
6. Play with your doll!


PDF files of dolls and clothes can be found here.

All downloadable material on Boat Folk Illustration are Creative Commons. Sharing and using freely is fine as long as it isn’t for profit.


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