Lightning Fish, by Ariel Shultz

Lightning Fish

lightningA visually beautiful, imaginative and cute story about feelings and finding ones place in the world. A bio-regional adventure that showcases the wonders of the Pacific Northwest through mythology, and still hits close to home, no matter the age.

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Praise for Lightning Fish

Beautifully written and illustrated! I could almost smell the pine cones in the forest and a beautiful lesson to be learned in the story. Hope the author continues to grace us with her talent.

–Doris D.

My pre-schooler was drawn to this story. It taught her social-emotional issues like anger, sharing, jealously and fear. It reminded me of the episode on Dr. Who where he said he’d never met anyone who wasn’t important before and the book 100% touches base on that principle. The great pictures were the finishing touch and bought the whole story together smoothly.

–Camilla S.

Gorgeous water-color illustrations accompany a short, easy to follow, and interesting story. My 3-year old nephew, who never sits still for anything except videos and games on the iPad, sat quietly transfixed through the entire book while reading it to him. He seemed to especially enjoy the pictures of the fantastical, mythical creatures. Definitely recommended.

–Mahonri G.

It’s a beautifully illustrated work with a great story. It’s simple to follow, yet interesting and meaningful at the same time. I look forward to more work from the author!

–Jesse B.

Beautiful, graceful illustrations frame a story that tells how every individual is important. The author uses a Native American myth to clearly convey her message of kindness and love, making the story meaningful without being didactic.

–Tina G.

Ariel Shultz

artist, educator, environmentalist, sailor

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