There is No Away Released

There is No Away” is available online for sale! I’ve seen in on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as some smaller indie websites. In addition, I released some free downloadable coloring book pages that go with the book for those interested.

I’m really excited about this book, and I’m hoping to line up some readings for Earth Day and maybe Arbor Day. I want the kids in my area to get into celebrating this planet we live on, and to see that it’s a fun, exciting, creative process.

Some people may see “sustainability” as limiting, but through this book we see instead that it opens up doors, and we are only limited by our own imagination, drive and ambition.

Check out the book, it turned out fantastic, and for sure request it at your local library, or even your local book store:

There is No Away
Written and Illustrated by Ariel Shultz

ISBN: 978-0986170805
Library of Congress #: 2015902309

Ariel Shultz

artist, educator, environmentalist, sailor

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