There is No Away and Earth Day

April begins the time of year where people really start spending time outside. Spring! At the end of April is one of my favorite holidays, Earth Day! I released “There is No Away” when I did so that it would be out and available in time for people to have for Earth Day. I wanted families, teachers, and libraries to be able to have this book available on a day where we focus on how we can take care of our home. It’s a great book for that. There is a little boy who learns about what happens when we “throw things away”, and how he can make a change so that he isn’t just making a giant pile of garbage somewhere. He thinks of ideas. We can do those things too!

1) Give Things We Don’t Use to Someone Who Will Use Them

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ABC Girls Book!

I just realized I haven’t even talked on the blog about the book project that has been getting all my attention lately. My friend Eden, who was my teacher in High School, and an absolute inspiration who helped make me the person I am today, recently emailed me with a great book idea she came up with when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She wanted me to illustrate and collaborate on it. It’s a book which flips a lot of negative societal ideas and images about girls and women on their heads, and portrays “Girly” and “Like a Girl” as things that are honest and genuine, and lets little girls be proud of who they are. It also is an alphabet book, and because of this, it will teach the power of literacy. Not only that, Read More